Taylor, Texas

Discover the Magic of Taylor, Texas: A Guide to All It Has to Offer

Have you heard of Taylor, Texas? It’s a beautiful place nestled in the hills of Central Texas, and it offers some of the most stunning landscapes, delightful cuisine, and rich culture of any place in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation spot or an exciting getaway, Taylor is the place for you.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything that Taylor has to offer. From ice skating on the local lake to time-honored wineries, the town of Taylor is the perfect destination for those who are looking for an unforgettable experience. We’ll also provide you with some of our best Taylor insider tips, such as where to find the best local seafood, what parks to visit for a peaceful afternoon stroll, and which festivals are not to be missed.

The magical town of Taylor has a lot to offer – let’s take a look together and discover why this quaint little place is a must-see destination!

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Taylor, Texas is a city in Williamson County. It offers a small-town atmosphere with all the amenities of a larger city, including plenty of shops and restaurants as well as recreational activities and cultural events.

Location and Population of Taylor, Texas

Situated just 20 miles northeast of Austin in Williamson County, Taylor, Texas offers an array of opportunities. With its small-town ambiance, a thriving business community and beautiful landscapes, Taylor has become increasingly popular with locals and tourists alike. As of 2019, the population stands at around 17,500 people.

Taylor was one of the five original communities established by the Travis Colonists in 1835. Its central location between Austin and Round Rock makes it easy to access several major highways and airports without getting stuck in traffic. This has made the city increasingly attractive to potential home buyers who are looking for a more rural lifestyle but still want to be near urban attractions. In addition, the city is among the fastest growing cities in Texas.

The city is considered to be a great place for families because of its low crime rate, good schools and abundance of job opportunities. It also offers a variety of recreational activities such as water parks, golf courses and trails for hiking and biking. The town’s festivals and events also provide plenty of entertainment throughout the year.

On the other hand, some have argued that due to its proximity to Austin, Taylor is becoming too much like a suburb rather than a rural community. This can lead to overcrowding problems as more people move into the area seeking that small-town charm without having to give up urban amenities.

No matter what side you take on this debate, Taylor is sure to provide something for everyone. With its convenient location and array of amenities, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to call it home. With that being said, let’s take a look at the history of Taylor, Texas and how it became the vibrant community it is today.

  • According to the 2010 census, the population of Taylor was 14,612 people.
  • The median age in Taylor is 32.7 years old.
  • In 2017, the estimated median household income in Taylor was $42,819.

Top Points to Remember

Taylor, Texas is a small town in Williamson County that has become increasingly popular since 2019 with its population at 17,500 people. It is centrally located between Austin and Round Rock, making it easy to access highways and airports. It is a great place for families with its low crime rate, good schools and abundance of job opportunities. However, due to its proximity to Austin, some have argued that Taylor is becoming too much like a suburb rather than a rural community. Despite that debate, Taylor offers something for everyone being easily accessible and providing amenities for all lifestyles.

History of Taylor, Texas

The city of Taylor, Texas has a long and rich history. Established in 1876, the town was first founded as a train depot on the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, commonly known as the “KATY”. It was named after Edward Moses Taylor, whose family had large land grants in the area. The railroad quickly attracted new settlers to the area, creating a bustling community.

As industry flourished around Taylor, public infrastructure began to be developed, including medical care, education systems and religious institutions. By the turn of the century, Taylor was a thriving and prosperous town with a population of over 500 people. In 1903, the town was officially incorporated and its population continued to grow steadily over the ensuing decades until it reached an estimated 20,000 by 2000.

Taylor also has been home to many notable figures throughout its history. In 1887, U.S. Congressman Roger S. Whelan resided in Taylor for several years before relocating to Austin for his political career. Other notable figures include Katherine Stinson who moved to the city in 1909 and became one of the first female pilots in America.

The city has not all been positive; however. In 1924, a devastating fire destroyed much of downtown Taylor including four churches and other businesses along Main Street. But despite this tragedy, residents quickly rebuilt the city and made repairs over time to preserve its original architecture and character.

The town has seen many different eras of development since its founding; from when it was a railway hub to when agriculture was at its peak to now as it continues to rapidly expand into a vibrant suburban community outside Austin –– each period has left its mark on Taylor’s cultural landscape and shaped its identity today. This rich heritage can be seen throughout the city via cultural attractions such as museums and historical landmarks detailing various elements of Taylor’s past they have preserved through time.

To further explore this unique history, visitors can take note of some of the noteworthy historic sites found throughout Taylor which serve as tangible reminders of days gone by.

Historical Landmarks

Taylor, Texas is a place of rich history and culture. Numerous historical landmarks can be found throughout the city, delighting visitors and locals alike with their tales of days gone by. From churches to courthouses to museums, Taylor has something to offer tourists interested in its storied past.

The Old Williamson County Jail Museum is one such landmark. Situated just off the historic courthouse square, this building once housed the worst criminals of Williamson county during the late nineteenth century. It now serves as a museum, preserving and showing the public artifacts from this era. In addition to exhibits on jail life, it also includes documents relating to famous outlaws, possessions taken from inmates, and even manacles used for transportation and incarceration.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church is another piece of history located in Taylor. Built in 1877, the church has seen numerous renovations over the years but still maintains much of its original structure. Inside, visitors will find incredible stained-glass windows dating back a century, an ornate altar adorned with hand-carved wood inlay patterns, and an iconic bell tower ringing out over town several times each day.

Those curious about what life may have looked like before modernity might enjoy visiting the Star Ranch Village. Located near Little Elmore Creek on land once owned by famed Texas Ranger John C. Duval in 1872, it is here that townsfolk can explore buildings constructed in the 1800s fashioned with tools and techniques used at the time—including log cabins as well as various buildings made of limestone or adobe bricks—as well as antique farming implements and other historic relics.

These are only three among many historically significant sites that can be found in Taylor; there truly is something for everyone here! With so many options available to choose from, it’s no wonder why so many people visit Taylor each year to experience its remarkable history firsthand.

Cityscape and Wildlife of Taylor, Texas

Taylor, Texas is a charming city with plenty of amenities and attractions for its residents and visitors. The cityscape of Taylor is mostly comprised of beautiful architecture, both historic buildings and modern structures. Downtown Taylor is filled with unique shops, restaurants, coffeehouses, boutiques, and other small businesses, making up the colorful streetscape. Just outside the main part of town are the residential areas with beautiful homes of all sizes.

The wildlife in Taylor is quite diverse. The streams and rivers that run through the area offer large tracking for swimming fish, amphibians, reptiles, crustaceans, waterfowls, and various land species. Avid birdwatchers flock to the area each year to observe the variety of birds that call Taylor home, such as cardinals, blue jays, robins, owls, hawks and even Bald Eagles. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the many trails leading to lakeside beaches as well as up into wooded areas. It’s not uncommon to spot deer grazing in an open meadow or bobcats stalking their prey through a thicket.

Though Taylor is known for its outdoor beauty and wildlife experiences, it has also become a destination for parks and outdoor attractions. From camping sites to wineries to nature preserves, there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy in this idyllic piece of Texas.

Parks and Outdoor Attractions

Taylor, Texas is home to several parks and outdoor attractions that make spending time in the great outdoors an enjoyable experience. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate Black Star Park, a sprawling park with a variety of sports fields, walking trails, and a swimming pool. For the avid birdwatcher, Granger Lake offers opportunities to spot migratory birds and other wildlife. Families will enjoy a visit to McClain State Park for its picnic areas and playgrounds, as well as its proximity to various hiking trails.

Those seeking a bit more adventure can explore nearby Rattle Snake Canyon, where boulders, slopes, and crevasses present daunting challenges. At long last, the nearby Longhorn Cavern provides a unique experience filled with caves and underground passages for those who are brave enough to explore them.

No matter what activity you prefer – from leisurely picnicking to adrenaline-filled climbing – Taylor, Texas has something to offer. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil walk by the lake or an exciting challenge at Rattle Snake Canyon, Taylor has plenty of options to get your blood pumping while also connecting with nature.

Taylor, Texas Culture

Taylor, Texas is known for its close-knit small-town community and friendly atmosphere. It is a place that embraces its culture and history with locals celebrating both throughout the year. In this thriving town, many locals attend events such as the annual Western Days celebration and are proud advocates of their local sports teams. There’s plenty to do in Taylor, Texas, from spending time at the local art gallery or visiting the nearby state park to enjoying concerts or taking part in special holiday-themed activities.

The town also boasts a thriving music scene with an array of venues for live music performances, from local bars featuring acoustic sets to larger performance halls that host national acts from all genres. Taylor has also become a popular destination for foodies looking for new experiences as different cultures have left a mark on the local cuisine. From lively Latino eateries and traditional American diners to authentic Asian restaurants, there is something for everyone’s taste buds.

Taylor’s cultural identity isn’t complete without its history of industry and agricultural roots. The town was first settled back in 1876 by settlers from nearby Hornsby Bend and there has been a steady influx of new residents in the area ever since. Locals take pride in the old-time customs still alive today here – including rodeos, ranching, fairs and festivals – that serve as reminders of their past as they embrace their present and look forward to what is possible in this unique town.

Despite being a small town, Taylor is home to people of many backgrounds and beliefs which create a vibrant cultural landscape. Residents may disagree at times about certain issues yet overall maintain mutual respect for each other – no matter if someone is born and raised here or if they’re a newcomer to the area. By having such an open dialogue within the community, everyone can appreciate each other’s differences while also enjoying what their hometown has to offer.

All these elements together make Taylor’s culture unique; it is the perfect blend of old-world charm coupled with modern amenities that form this picturesque town nestled away in Central Texas hill country. With so much to explore and experience here, it is easy to see why so many people consider Taylor their home away from home.

Schools and Businesses in the Area

Taylor, Texas is considered a great place to live, work and raise a family due to the quality schools and diverse business opportunities in the area. Home to over 13,000 residents, Taylor is located just northeast of Austin and its population continues to grow as more families are drawn in by the city’s excellent educational opportunities. Taylor Independent School District serves most of the area with four elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The district’s overall academic performance has been heavily praised and more resources are continually allocated to ensure a successful learning environment for all involved. Additionally, Taylor is also home to several private schools and universities offering certification programs to those who desire individualized instruction.

When it comes to businesses, there is something for everyone in Taylor. Whether you are looking for a place to open a new company or find a job, Taylor offers a variety of local small businesses and larger companies that have recently moved into the area. Moreover, due to its proximity to Austin and the state capital, there are many government jobs available through Corps of Engineering offices and other related departments in nearby cities. Overall, the economy remains strong as both individuals and businesses consistently invest in this flourishing region.

With so much opportunity for growth in education and business alike, it is no wonder why so many Texans choose to move their families to this vibrant community every year. Of course, weather can be an important factor when deciding on potential towns for relocation; Luckily enough for those looking to settle here, Taylor enjoys beautiful sunny days with comfortable temperatures nearly year round.

Taylor, Texas Climate and Weather

The climate and weather of Taylor, Texas can be summed up in one word- seasonal. Each season has its own distinct qualities that make for a unique experience during every visit to Taylor. In the spring months (March-May), temperatures range from mid to upper 70s in the day, with lows around 50 at night. Thundershowers occur sporadically bringing some humidity to the area. Summer (June-August) temperatures vary with highs reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s and mild nights hovering in the lower 70s. Some will say Taylor is best experienced during the fall months (September–November) when warm days reach the 70’s and cool evenings rest just above 50 degrees. Winter (December–February) sees lows dip below 30 some nights but warm up quickly during the day to hit mid 40’s -50’s. Those who enjoy skiing would prefer winter in Taylor as there is a ski resort nearby.

No matter what time of year it is in Taylor, it’s always nice to take advantage of the clean air, mild temperatures, and bright sunshine this Texas town offers. Having this perfect combination of temperature and weather makes Taylor an ideal place to spend time outdoors all year long. As such, it’s no surprise that tourists flock to the area looking for something new and exciting to experience.

Tourist Attractions Nearby Taylor, Texas

Located in the heart of Texas, Taylor is an attractive destination for visitors from both near and far. With nearby attractions, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and experience the best that Taylor has to offer, as well as its surrounding areas.

For those looking for a taste of historic attractions, The Williamson County Historical Museum is a must-see. Built in 1895, this museum features a variety of exhibits exploring local culture and history. See how life was lived in the 19th century and learn about specific eras such as the World War II period and the Civil Rights movement.

The Inner Space Caverns are another popular attraction just outside of Taylor. Founded in 1963, today the caverns feature remarkable cave formations, underground lakes, and a range of artifacts from an ancient sea. Take a guided tour to explore this unique cave system and take home stories that you can share with friends and family.

Those looking for an outdoor excursion will find several scenic parks within easy reach of Taylor. For breathtaking views visit Lake Georgetown Park which offers campgrounds with fishing piers, boat ramps, swimming areas and picnic areas. Other parks include Cedar Breaks Park which includes hiking trails where visitors can hike along creekside scenery or spot wildlife; or join ranger-guided hikes through Forest Trail Nature Preserve to discover more native wildlife.

Sports enthusiasts will also enjoy being so close to two major sports teams: Round Rock Express Baseball Club based in nearby Round Rock, TX, or the Circuit of The Americas racetrack located just south-east of Taylor. Both locations offer many facilities including restaurants, shops and entertainment venues where fans flock to watch their favorite events during certain times of the year.

No matter what your preference might be, there is something to do around Taylor that’s sure to please everyone’s interest. Whether it’s exploring historical structures or taking part in outdoor activities such as camping or hiking – visitors should consider a trip to this beautiful town because it’s definitely worth the time!

Common Questions and Answers

How has Taylor, Texas’s population changed over time?

Taylor, Texas has seen significant population growth over the last three decades. In 1990, the population of Taylor was 11,602. By 2010, it had reached 15,191—representing a nearly 30% increase. Much of this growth can be attributed to the city’s location, which offers easy access to major employment hubs such as Austin and Round Rock. Additionally, many people are drawn to the area’s rural characteristics and small-town charm. These amenities, combined with a thriving economy and desirable quality of life have served to attract more new residents each year. As of 2020, Taylor’s population is estimated to be over 17,500.

What types of activities and attractions can be found in Taylor, Texas?

Taylor, Texas is a vibrant city with plenty of activities and attractions to explore! Here are just some of the unique experiences visitors can find in Taylor:

• Visit the Williamson County Courthouse, which recently underwent an extensive renovation in 2020. It’s an impressive site with sculptures, murals, and a beautiful garden area suitable for all ages.

• Take a stroll through the downtown district to check out the local shops and restaurants. There’s something for everyone from boutiques and galleries to cafes and breweries.

• Catch a show at the historic Bertram Theater, which has been entertaining crowds for over 90 years. Its calendar is packed with music performances, comedians, plays, and more.

• Enjoy some outdoor activities at Phantom Lake Park & Nature Preserve. Visitors can swim in the lake, go fishing and take part in other recreational activities like kayaking, hiking, biking and canoeing.

• Acclaimed Wineries – The charming town of Taylor is home to several award-winning wineries such as The Rice Wine & Spirits Company, Altaridge Vineyards & Winery, Nelson Family Vineyards and many more! Sample their wines or attend wine tasting events.

• Get to know Taylor’s history through tours offered by the local historical society. Discover sites such as the old cotton gin museum and former railroad depot that were instrumental in shaping Taylor’s past.

With so much to see and do in Taylor, visitors are sure to have an unforgettable experience!

What are some interesting facts about Taylor, Texas?

1. Taylor, Texas is nicknamed the “City of Opportunity” due to its historical background of entrepreneurial spirit and innovative businesses.

2. Founded in the mid-1800s, it is one of the oldest towns in Williamson County, which was home to some of the earliest settlements in the state.

3. The town was named after Edward Moses Taylor, who settled the area in 1846 after being granted land by President Andrew Jackson.

4. Known for its vibrant music scene, Taylor has produced multiple country music stars including Charley Pride, Doug Supernaw, Nick Stroud and Sara Evans.

5. The city also boasts a diverse population made up of people with backgrounds from all over the world which reflects in its variety of food offerings and cultural events hosted throughout the year.

6. Although small in size, Taylor is home to an array of museums and historical sites that spotlight its rich history and highlight its many contributions to the region’s culture and development.

7. The annual Chisholm Trail BBQ Cook-Off held every June brings visitors from around the region to try out some of Texas’ best BBQ recipes alongside live music and family fun activities.

8. Home to several colleges and universities, including Southwestern University and Temple College – Taylor’s education system provides plenty of learning opportunities for students looking to excel in their studies or strengthen their skills for their professional lives ahead.

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