Find the Best Trex Decking Installers Near You Today!

Jul 04, 2023

Wouldn’t you love to unwind on a gorgeous, quality deck while watching the Texan sunset after a long day? It’s pure magic! But the right kind of magic doesn’t just happen; it requires the perfect marriage of top-quality materials and experts in deck installation. Enter Trex Decking – an industry leader synonymous with resilience, aesthetics, and longevity. This blog post is your golden ticket to finding the best Trex decking installers near you today. So, say goodbye to home-improvement headaches and hello to your dream oasis! Let’s embark on this journey together, helping you cross the ’spectacular deck’ off your home remodeling wish list. Buckle up!

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Advantages of Trex Decking

Trex decking has been gaining popularity in recent years as a low-maintenance and high-performance outdoor living product. It is composed of 95% recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly option for those looking to enhance their backyard or outdoor space. There are several advantages to opting for Trex decking, which we will explore further in this section.

Perhaps the most attractive advantage of Trex decking is its low maintenance nature. Unlike traditional wooden decks, Trex decking does not require sanding, staining, or sealing. This means that once installed, you can enjoy your deck without worrying about the time and expense of regular upkeep. Additionally, Trex decking is fade-resistant and stain-resistant, which means you can enjoy it for much longer periods compared to alternative decking materials.

Moreover, Trex decking is incredibly durable and long-lasting. It is resistant to scratches and dents and will not rot or warp like wood. The material is also resistant to mold and insect infestations, ensuring that your deck remains structurally sound year after year. Compared to wooden decks, which typically have a lifespan of around 10-15 years before requiring costly repairs or replacements, Trex decking lasts much longer with minimal maintenance needs.

To put it in perspective, think of purchasing a car that requires constant tune-ups and repainting versus purchasing one that requires little maintenance but looks just as good ten years later. With Trex decking, you get the latter option – a beautiful deck that requires minimal upkeep but continues to look great over time.

However, some argue that the initial cost of installing Trex decking may be higher than other options such as wood or composite decking. While there may be some truth to this argument, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of investing in Trex decking. Not only will it save you time and money on maintenance in the long run, but it also adds value to your property. It’s a durable, long-lasting option that stands up against harsh weather conditions, and will continue to look great for years to come.

Durability and Maintenance

Trex decking is designed to withstand the elements with minimal upkeep required. It is made from composite materials that are highly durable and resistant to environmental factors such as heat, moisture, and UV rays. Here are some of the key points you should keep in mind when evaluating the durability and maintenance of Trex decking.

Firstly, Trex decking is highly resistant to fading caused by exposure to UV rays. Traditional wooden decks require regular painting or staining to prevent them from fading over time; however, Trex decking features a protective shell that keeps it looking great even after years of use. This ensures that your deck maintains its color and vibrancy year after year without requiring much work on your part.

Additionally, Trex decking is incredibly strong compared to wood-based decking materials. It has a high resistance to scratches, stains, mold growths, warping or splitting – all of which are common issues faced by traditional wooden decks. With its high resistance properties comes added strength that allows it to tolerate heavy foot traffic without compromising its structural integrity.

Think of it this way – if you owned a vehicle made from recycled plastics that was designed to hold up well against bumps and scrapes while remaining visually appealing for many years with minimal upkeep effort, would you purchase an older model vehicle made from metal or other rigid material?

While some may argue that Trex decking is more expensive than traditional wooden decks, the durability and low maintenance needs of this material make it a smart investment over time. Not only does it save you money in construction costs over the long run, but it also adds value to your property by retaining its quality and beauty for years to come.

In the next section, we’ll explore the advantages of selecting a certified Trex installer, which is important for ensuring that your deck installation process runs smoothly and successfully.

  • Trex decking is an excellent option for those looking for durable and low-maintenance deck material. It’s highly resistant to environmental factors such as UV rays, moisture, and mold growths, while also being strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic without compromising its structural integrity. Although it may be more expensive than traditional wooden decks initially, its long-term cost savings and added property value make it a smart investment. Hiring a certified Trex installer is essential to ensure a successful installation process.


Aesthetic Options

When it comes to decking, aesthetics certainly matters. Luckily, Trex offers a wide variety of options that cater to different styles and tastes. Trex decking comes in a range of colors and finishes, from warm earthy tones to cooler shades. Some of the popular hues include Island Mist, Spiced Rum, Tiki Torch, and Lava Rock.

The richness of the wood grain pattern is also a significant selling point. If you’re after a realistic wood-look without having to deal with the maintenance requirements of traditional lumber, then Trex’s low-maintenance composite material is the perfect alternative for you. They mimic natural wood very convincingly and come in different wood grains and finishes.

Adding further customization potential is Trex’s line of railing products and accessories. Trex’s custom metal railing compliments their decking nicely while providing safety and peace of mind. The company’s lighting accents are making outdoor living spaces trendier with time. Lighting accents include subtle deck-mounted lights to larger pole top lights allowing for more usable light in an outdoor space that would allow for comfortable nighttime entertaining.

Remember that whatever your style preferences, selecting an aesthetic option that is durable, fade-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance will allow an outdoor space full of beauty for years to come.

For instance, take Holli R.’s review on Trex decking “We installed Trex Transcend composite decking with Classic White composite railing last year at our beachside duplex in Panama City Beach, FL. Not only does the product look fantastic (especially when complemented by a stainless-steel cable rail), but it is also easily cleaned by sweeping or hosing down.”

Indeed, aesthetics are crucial when it comes to outdoor remodeling projects since they shape how the space will be used and serves as focal points during gatherings. Fortunately, aesthetics did not come at the expense of function since Trex is a brand that is known for producing quality, low-maintenance products.

Nonetheless, some might not put as much emphasis on aesthetics and worry about the cost differences between traditional lumber compared to Trex decking. But the costs of upkeep over time are often neglected when calculating the price difference between treated wood and composite decking since maintenance fees can pile up over time and avoidable with composite materials.

Selecting a Certified Trex Installer

Knowing how important aesthetics are in an outdoor living space, choosing the right installer for your Trex decking project should be given equal weight.

Hiring a certified Trex installer ensures that professionals would work on installing your deck from start to finish with proper installations, warranties, training certifications, and consistent service options.

The importance of certification lies in industry standards. It would provide you with peace of mind that your investment will last despite the constant exposure to the elements.

For example, JP Exterior’s team of trained professionals is certified by Trex, one of the most established brands in decking. By having certifications through professional organizations such as these ensures that high-quality standards are maintained on every project they undertake.

Having professionals install the deck enhances how well it performs both aesthetically and functionally.

However, some might raise concerns about hiring a certified installer due to higher service costs than unapproved contractors. Nevertheless, it often comes down to doing poor-quality work due to lack of licensing or experience.

Importance of Certification

When it comes to finding a Trex decking installer, certification is an important factor to consider. Certified Trex installers are professionals who have undergone specialized training from Trex and have passed rigorous tests to prove their knowledge and expertise in the installation of Trex products. Here are some reasons why working with a certified installer is crucial.

Quality Assurance:

Certified Trex installers are held to the highest standards of quality workmanship, ensuring that your investment is secure. They follow manufacturer guidelines on installation, and use only materials recommended by Trex. As a result, you can be confident that your decking will be installed correctly and safely.

Non-certified Installers:

Non-certified installers may cut corners or not fully understand how to handle the unique challenges presented by Trex products. This can lead to incorrect installation that could jeopardize the structural integrity of your deck and create future repair costs.

Warranty Coverage:

By working with a certified installer, you’re investing in peace of mind for years to come. Many certified Trex installers offer warranties on their installation workmanship and the product under specific conditions as they have full confidence in their installations.

Think about it:

Would you leave your car in the care of a novice mechanic? Similarly, avoid trusting just any cut-rate contractor with the complex installation process that goes into installing a high-quality Trex decking solution.

So, before hiring an installer make sure to check their certification status and ensure they meet all necessary criteria.

Checking Testimonials

Checking past customer reviews is one of the most reliable ways of assessing any service provider’s performance record and ethics prior to committing your time and resources. When evaluating potential Trex Decking Installers online or soliciting personal referrals, consider customer reviews to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Ask Yourself:

Before committing to a contractor’s services, put yourself in a judge’s chair by examining reactions and experiences shared by previous customers on the company review section. Reviews can serve as valuable testimonials and act as legitimate proof of the company’s standard operating procedures.


Customer testimonials indicate if an installer has long-standing credibility and reliability within your community. Any reputable installer will always have a well-established online presence, and you should be able to find feedback from previous clients to weigh their competence.

Few Negative Reviews:

It’s impossible for any reasonable service provider to get hundreds of positive user reviews without ever receiving a negative evaluation from someone. As such, when evaluating potential installers, don’t focus exclusively on ratings or surveys. Instead, scan through how contractors have responded to negative reviews or complaints. If they’ve made an effort at resolution when things didn’t go according to plan, then this shows that they value customer satisfaction and are committed to restoring it.

Testimonials from Social Media:

Customers are more likely to post public comments on platforms that feature ease of sharing. Check Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, Instagram, Houzz accounts, or other social media channels focused on home improvement services for reviews or photos of previous projects completed by various Trex decking installers.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to trust your instincts and reach out directly to the installer in question through their website or email chain if you have further reservations regarding their performance.

Understanding Trex Decking Installation Cost

When it comes to installing a Trex deck, one of the essential factors to consider is the cost. The overall cost of installation varies based on several factors like location, size, and complexity of the project. It is crucial to understand all the costs involved in the project so that you can budget accordingly. Here are some critical points to consider when trying to understand the cost of Trex decking installation.

First, it is important to understand that there are two types of costs associated with a Trex Deck installation: material costs and labor costs. Material costs typically make up about 50-60% of the total cost while labor costs make up the remaining amount, ranging from 40-50%. The total cost per square foot will typically be higher for smaller decks because much of the labor remains constant. For example, preparation work such as laying joists and positioning posts must still be done regardless of whether a deck is further out.

Second, location plays a significant role in determining the cost of installation. Like other industries, construction labor rates vary by region and state. Typically, metropolitan areas are more expensive compared to rural or suburban areas. If you live in an urban area like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York City, expect to pay more per project than someone living in a rural community.

Third, additional amenities and custom features added on your new deck could increase the overall price dramatically. Items like built-in seating areas, pergolas or outdoor kitchens all require additional materials and labor which could cause an increase in your budget for your new Trex Deck.

Think about building a house; typically, it’s less expensive per sq ft to build one large home vs building multiple smaller homes. The same concept can be applied with adding amenities to your new deck–think big picture!

Locating Trex Installers in Your Area

Locating a reputable and experienced Trex Installer can take some time, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Below are some ways to locate a reliable installer near you.

One way to find an experienced and reputable Trex Installer nearby is by using online directories. A simple Google search with keywords like “Trex Decking Installers Near Me” can provide you with several options in your area. You can also visit websites like Angie’s List or Home Advisor for detailed reviews on various installers in your locality.

Another great tool is to ask for recommendations from neighbors or friends who’ve had their decks installed recently; they might refer you to someone they trust and had success with. Personal reviews are always better than online research because people will usually share true honest experiences which you might not find online.

However, just because a friend or neighbor used someone doesn’t mean they would be the right fit for your job as well. Be sure to still do your research on anyone recommended to see if they are licensed and bonded before hiring them for your project.

Think of choosing an installer like purchasing a car. Just because your friends love their car doesn’t mean it will meet all their needs or be a great fit for you.

Don’t rush into any decision when it comes to choosing an installer for your new Trex decking project. Take the time to understand the costs involved and do thorough research on anyone you’re considering hiring. It is best to find someone who is certified, has glowing testimonials and written warranties before jumping into getting your decking installed.

Using Online Directories

After learning about the advantages of Trex decking and the importance of selecting a certified installer, it’s time to find one in your area. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to locate Trex installers thanks to the internet. In this section, we’ll dive into using online directories and asking for local recommendations.

One way to find Trex installers near you is through online directories. There are several directories available that can help you identify top-rated contractors who specialize in Trex decking installation. Some popular directories include HomeAdvisor, Houzz, and Angie’s List. These directories allow you to filter your search by location, read reviews from past customers, and find contact information for the installers on their list.

Online directories also provide a convenient way to compare costs between different installers. By requesting quotes from multiple contractors listed on a directory, you can easily compare pricing and make an informed decision.

Think of online directories as a virtual phone book for Trex deck installers. You can find contact information easily without having to spend hours searching through Google results or making phone calls.

However, it’s worth noting that not all installers may be listed on these directories, and some may have paid for premium placement. It’s still important to research the companies and verify their credentials before hiring them for your project.

Another way to locate Trex installers is by searching on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Many contractors use social media to promote their services and connect with potential customers. You can search for local groups related to home improvement or decks and patios and ask for recommendations from other members. This way, you can get firsthand accounts from people who have used specific contractors or may have experience in the industry.

Social media can also provide a way to engage with installers directly. Many contractors have business pages on Facebook and other platforms where you can message them directly, ask for quotes, or schedule consultations.

Consider social media as your neighborhood bulletin board. You can post questions, request recommendations, and get advice from others in your community who have dealt with similar projects.

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone on social media may have the expertise or experience to give accurate advice. It’s still essential to conduct research and verify credentials before hiring an installer recommended through social media.

Asking for Local Recommendations

Another way to locate Trex installers in your area is to reach out to people in your local community. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at how asking for recommendations from neighbors, family members, or friends can be a valuable resource.

Start by reaching out to people you know who have had similar projects done recently. Ask them about their experience working with a particular contractor and whether they would recommend them. This can give you firsthand insight into what it’s like working with a specific installer and what to expect throughout the process.

Asking for recommendations can also provide peace of mind knowing that someone you trust has vouched for the contractor’s workmanship and quality of service.

Think of asking for recommendations as getting a referral from your doctor for a specialist. Just as you trust your doctor’s recommendation for specialized care, you can trust the recommendations of people who have worked with installers before.

However, it’s worth noting that the recommendations of others may not always align with your needs and preferences. It’s still essential to do your due diligence, research companies thoroughly, and obtain multiple quotes before making a hiring decision.

Another way to seek out local recommendations is by checking with your homeowner’s association or attending home improvement events in your area. These groups may have a list of recommended installers or vendors that they’ve worked with before.

Homeowner’s associations and home improvement events can provide valuable resources for finding reputable installers in your area. They may also offer discounts or special pricing arrangements for members, which can help reduce overall project costs.

Compare this to getting a referral from a business colleague. You know that the referral comes from someone who has worked in the same industry and understands your specific needs.

However, it’s essential to remember that these organizations may have limitations on the number of contractors they recommend or may only work with select companies due to business agreements. It’s still crucial to conduct research and verify credentials before hiring an installer recommended through a third party.